CNI Previous Grantees

University of Virginia, Co-PI: Jeffrey T. Barth, PhD, ABCN and Donna K. Broshek, PhD

“Community Based Brain Injury Screening Initiative.”

University of Virginia Health System will develop and pilot a brain injury screening tool and protocol to be used by providers who do not specialize in serving people with acquired brain injury. This project will be implemented at eight (8) community sites across Virginia.
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Virginia Commonwealth University, PI: Alex Valadka, MD

“Comparative Evaluation of Mannitol and Hypertonic Saline in the Treatment of Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury.”

This proposal will compare effects of mannitol and HTS at different concentrations on ICP, brain water content, inflammation, and early neuronal cell death immediately after experimental TBI. This study will also compare neuroprotective properties of mannitol and different concentration of HTS by determining functional recoveries and brain tissue preservation after experimental TBI.
(Only Requested One and a half years of Grant Funding)
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Community Brain Injury Services, PI: Jason Young, MSW

“Evaluating Brain Injury Clubhouses and their effects on Neurobehavioral Functioning and Participation.”

CBIS will Implement a program level data collection system to standardize data concerning the injury and sociodemographic characteristics of people served, the level and duration of services provided, and outcomes generated by Virginia’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Clubhouses. This project will also describe and evaluate the effectiveness of ABI Clubhouses in meeting Virginia’s citizens’ needs. This program will compare the persons treated, services provided, and the outcomes generated by Virginia’s ABI Clubhouses to 3 ABI Clubhouses in the US and Canada to identify strengths and opportunities for growth.
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